After retiring from the NHS Pension Scheme, you can return to work within the NHS.

You can claim your benefits from any section of the Scheme and continue to pay into the 2015 Scheme if you're under age 75.

If you claimed on the grounds of ill health, restrictions apply.

To be classed as retired, you must have a 24-hour break from all NHS work before returning unless:

  • you’re claiming part of your pension using partial retirement
  • you’ve had membership in the 1995 or 2008 Section of the Scheme and have had a 5-year break either between or since joining the 2015 Scheme
  • you’ve been opted out of any section of the Scheme for 5 years

The 24-hour break can be taken on any day of the week including the weekend or a bank holiday.

This includes if you retire:

  • and you’ve opted out but remain in NHS employment
  • from a Direction employer

Members with more than one employment must take a 24 hour break from all employments to be able to claim their pension.

It’s your employer’s responsibility to check that a 24-hour break has been taken before you return to work after retirement.

Contact your employer to discuss how taking a 24-hour break might affect your contract of employment.

Read more information on working after retirement on our website.

Age 75 or over

If you’re aged 75 or over, you’re entitled to receive your retirement pension from your 75th birthday.

You do not need to take a 24-hour break in your employment.

You cannot continue to pay into the Scheme.

Not taken a 24-hour break in employment

If you’ve not taken a 24-hour break you must arrange this with your employer. Your employer will complete an SD55E form to confirm your last day of service.

Once we’ve received the SD55E form, we’ll be able to calculate your pension.

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