The application forms that should be completed on the death of a Scheme member will differ depending on the members employment status.

If the member died while in service:

The member’s employer will inform NHS Pensions that the member has died by sending a Death in Service Notification Form.

NHS Pensions will then issue the relevant claim form. 

If there is a spouse, civil partner, or partner (living together but unmarried) a Dependant claim form (DCF) will be issued to that person to make an application for an adult dependant’s pension and, if applicable, a lump sum on death (there may be death benefit nominee/s who are eligible for the lump sum). 

If the lump sum on death is being paid to the member’s estate or death benefit nominee/s, a Lump Sum on Death Form (LSOD1) will be issued to the relevant person in order to apply for the lump sum.

Forms are normally sent within 5 working days of us receiving the notification from the employer.

If the member died with deferred pension benefits:

If the member wasn’t in in active employment when they died complete a Dependent claim form (DCF).

The DCF can be downloaded from our website

If the member left the scheme more than 12 months ago with less than two years membership a refund of contributions form (AW12/2) should be completed. This form will be issued by NHS Pensions following contact from the members next of kin.

If the member died after claiming their NHS pension:

If the member was married or in a civil partnership before they started to claim their pension, the appropriate forms will be issued by NHS Pensions following contact from the members next of kin.

If the member had dependant children:

If the member was in active employment, the employer should notify NHS Pensions on the Death in Service Notification Form if there are any dependant children. NHS Pensions will then issue a Dependant claim form (DCF) to the next of kin.

If the member was not in active employment the DCF should be completed which can be downloaded from our website.

There may be instances where there are dependant children living with different parent’s/guardian’s and it is the responsibility of a dependant's parent/guardian to complete a DCF. Please be aware that a child aged 16 and under will be classed as a minor, therefore a parent or guardian would need to complete the forms. The form is on the website should multiple forms be required. If a dependant is claiming the allowance as they take care of themselves they should complete the DCF to claim the children's pension.

When the parent or guardian completes the DCF they sign a declaration to say that they will use the pension for the routine upkeep and benefit of the child. If NHS Pensions become aware that this may not be the case the pension may be suspended until further investigations can be made.

Please note: If the member has made a death benefit nomination on form DB2 for more than one person then each nominee will need to fill in an LSOD1. If NHS Pensions only receive the LSOD1 from one nominated person NHS Pensions will always send further LSOD1s to the relevant person/s.