Yes, if you are a member of the NHS Pension Scheme and are called up for service you will be regarded as being on authorised leave of absence.

For the duration of your call-out, employer and employee contributions will be paid at the level pensionable pay in payment immediately prior to your call-out.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) will take responsibility for the employer contributions and will communicate with your NHS employer so that all the arrangements for making such payments can be put in place. It is also possible that the MOD will arrange for your employees contributions to be deducted from your salary and paid as directed by the NHS employer, however you may need to arrange the payment of your employee contributions to your NHS employer. The NHS employer will then pay both employer and employee contributions to NHS Pensions in the usual way and continue to submit annual updates (including any deemed membership).

You will continue to build up Scheme benefits as normal and are entitled to the same NHS pension rights throughout the period of call up that you would have been if you were in normal NHS employment, although you are not covered by the NHS Injury Benefits Scheme.

If, as a result of the reservist activity, you become permanently incapable of performing your NHS duties you retain the same rights as other active Scheme members to retire on the grounds of ill health.