If you think our records of your membership are incorrect, read the membership and standard membership enquiry factsheets on our website. They explain why your NHS pensionable employment may be different from your actual employment history in the NHS.

If after reading the factsheets you still think it’s incorrect, the action to take depends on when the missing employment was from.

If the missing employment was within the last 7 years, complete an SM27B form and send this to the relevant employer.

If you do not know your employer or the employment is more than 7 years ago, complete an SM27C form.

Contracted out history

To get a contracted out history, you must put your request in writing to:

National Insurance Contributions Office
Services to Pensions Industry (Personal Pensions)
Benton Park View
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE98 1ZZ

You must include your National Insurance (NI) number.

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