Special Class status for male members does not apply to service prior to 17 May 1990 and benefits for service prior to this date will normally be payable at 60.

A male Special Class member may still retire at 55. However, any benefits they hold for service prior to 17 May 1990 will be actuarially reduced to account for taking their benefits early if this is claimed before age 60.

Please note a member may claim their Special Class benefits only and request to defer the benefits they accrued prior to 17 May 1990 but they need to request this in writing when applying for their pension.

They can then claim these benefits separately without any actuarial reduction at age 60 by submitting an AW8P application form.  If they are in NHS employment when they claim their deferred benefits they would need to adhere to the applicable return to work restrictions from the 1995 Section.

For more information, please see our website.

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