You may be able to allocate part of your pension to be paid after your death to another person.

That person may be a spouse, civil partner, nominated partner or someone who is dependent on you for support. If you allocate to your spouse, civil partner or nominated qualifying partner, they’ll receive the allocated pension as well as any survivor pension they may be eligible to.

If you choose to allocate, this will result in a permanent reduction to your own retirement pension. This will be from the time you claim your pension.

You must have a medical assessment if your application for allocation is accepted. This is determined by the Secretary of State. You must cover the cost of this examination.

Members retiring on the grounds of ill health can also apply to allocate their pension.

Apply to allocate

To allocate part of your pension, complete an AW8/11A form.

An application to allocate part of your pension can only be submitted before your pension benefits are put into payment. If you’ve already retired, it’s not possible to apply for allocation.

The minimum amount you can allocate to a person who is dependent on you is an amount that cannot be trivially commuted. This amount will vary depending on Lifetime Allowance. If the person you’re allocating to is eligible to receive a survivor pension, the pension they’ll receive can count towards the minimum amount.

The maximum amount you can allocate is one third of your pension. The amount of allocated pension the person will get must not exceed your remaining pension. The remaining pension payable to you must be at least equal to your Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP).

Cancel allocation

Once your application to allocate has been accepted, it’s not possible to cancel your application.

If the person who was receiving the allocated pension has died, it’s not possible for these benefits to be returned to you.

If your application for allocation has not yet been accepted, send a written request to cancel your application. This must be posted to:

NHS Pensions
PO Box 2269

For more information view the allocation factsheet.