We aim to process all award claims around 10 working days before the payable date, if the payable date has already passed, within 10 working days of receipt, or within 10 working days of receiving all the necessary information in order to process the application.

The statutory target for an NHS Pension to be paid is within 30 days of your payable date or within 30 days of the date NHS Pensions receives all the relevant information we need to process your pension benefit application (this includes your lump sum). Any arrears will always be payable from your chosen retirement date.

We ask NHS Employers to forward award claim forms to us around three months before the proposed date of retirement to give sufficient time for us to deal with any anomalies that may arise. An employer can submit an awards claim form no more than 105 days before the intended retirement date.

Suitable notice is always preferable, however this does not mean an award will take three months to process. Importantly, the timescale can vary dependent upon when we receive the application in relation to the payable date, last day of service, or whether further information is required from either the member or employer.

From the date that we have completed an award, it can take a further 3-5 working days to go into your bank account.