If you have access to POL, you can:

  • add additional users
  • amend access
  • update employer contact details
  • update employee's contact details
  • complete forms.

Contacting POL

Email  if:

  • you need a password reset and you’re the main administrator
  • you’re suspended from POL and you’re the main administrator
  • you need to send a change of administrator form
  • you need to update your account details and you’re the main administrator.

If you’re not the main administrator, contact your local administrator.

For any other queries, contact the employer helpline.

Add additional users, amend access and update employer contact details

Select ‘Administer Employer Access’.

This must be done by the main administrator.

If you’re updating contact details, the main administrator can also email

Update employee’s personal details

The SD55G form allows you to change details for any members that are currently actively employed by you.

You can also complete this if your employee's date of birth (DOB) and National Insurance (NI) number have not previously been verified.

If your employee's DOB and NI number have previously been verified, email

You must confirm you’ve seen evidence of the correct DOB or NI number.

Completing forms

For guidance on completing forms, read the POL guides available on our website.

If you’ve submitted a form and the update is not showing within 24 hours, an error has occurred.

Check the 'Error Handling' section on POL. Do not re-submit the data as this will duplicate the error.

If there’s no error in the ‘Employer Allocated’ section, the error may need to be resolved by us. This will be viewable under the ‘NHS Allocated Errors’ section.

If you need the error to be resolved urgently, email

Data Management will action any updates to forms within 48 hours.

Error message

If you see the error "There are update forms in suspense at NHSBSA", email

Use ‘AWARD PENDING SD******’ as the subject of the email.

Once the error has cleared, you’ll be contacted by email.

If you see error ‘EPOL - VXML Produced could not be saved’, send an AW295 estimate request form to us letting us know you’re unable to view members benefit statements.

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