When you apply for a quote via the Additional Pensions calculator you are required to select "Create Form" to print out your AP1 application form. In the unlikely event that this button does not work please check that you are not being prevented from creating the form due to any pop-up blockers.

There may be a warning about pop-up blockers at the top of the page which has the following message:

Data from this site is blocked to avoid potential security risks. Select options to receive this data if you trust this document.

If you are happy to allow the pop-ups from the page you can select the ?Options? button then you may be presented with one of the following messages:

Trust this document one time only, or Allow pop-ups

Once you have allowed the pop-ups you may need to select the "Create Form" button again to obtain the printed form showing the required figures and dates.

If the above fix does not work there should be a link on this page to direct you to manually print out a blank AP1 form and complete it with the figures produced via the online calculator. Please be aware that this is the only situation when you should use the manual version of this form. It is suggested that you enclose a note with your manual form to explain why you are not sending the computerised version to NHS Pensions.