Added Years are scaled for part time officers. This is because NHS Pensions uses your Notional Whole Time pay to calculate the pension benefits you receive from the purchase, but the cost of the additional membership - in terms of additional contributions that you have paid - were based on your part time, actual pay. For this reason your contributions will buy additional membership in proportion to the hours you work.

For example:
A member agrees to buy 4 years, but works only 19.5 hours in a job with standard hours 39 (half-time). They will pay half the extra contributions paid by a whole-time member and receive half the extra years membership worked out as follows:

4 years contributions x 19.5 whole-time contributions / 39 hours = 2 years additional membership

If you are a full time employee and you then change your hours to part time the years you have purchased up until the date you change will be calculated and credited to your account. From the date you become part time the above example would apply.

Please note the above calculation is only applicable for Officer members, for information on how Added Years are calculated for practitioner members please see the related article.