If the break is less than 12 months then you can continue paying the Added Years payments with your new employer. You do not need to pay arrears on the missing period, you will start the payments from when you re-join the NHS Pension Scheme.

If the break is more than 12 months, you will no longer be able to continue with your Added Years contract and you will be credited with what was purchased before your break.

If you opt out of the pension scheme but continue to work in the NHS, you would still need to rejoin the scheme within 12 months of opting out, in order to resume your contract.

If you do resume your Added Years contract after a break of less than 12 months, this will mean that you will be purchasing less than quoted on your original contract. You will not have the ability to 'buy back' the years that have been deducted.

The same provisions apply if you are actively paying into an Added Years contract after moving to the 2015 Scheme.

This does not apply if you have had an approved career break and agreed to continue paying pension contributions during this period.