If the Scheme's medical adviser determines that you are permanently incapable of efficiently discharging the duties of your NHS employment (Tier 1 ill health retirement) they will then consider whether you are permanently incapable of engaging in regular employment of like duration to your NHS job (Tier 2 ill health retirement). In order to determine entitlement to Tier 2 benefits they will take into account;

  • The medical condition for which ill health retirement benefits has been claimed * whether you have received appropriate medical treatment in respect of the incapacity.

  • Such reasonable employment that you would be capable of engaging in, having regard to your mental and physical capacity, previous training and previous practical, professional and vocational experience.

The medical adviser will also consider:

  • Your Normal Pension Age (NPA) and length of time to NPA.

  • Whether there is any further appropriate medical treatment available and the benefit of such treatment.

For more information, please see the ill health guidance available on our website.