No. If you apply for Actuarily Reduced Early Retirement (ARER) benefits and these are put into payment, the retirement benefits will then remain in payment for life and will prevent any further consideration of entitlement to ill health retirement benefits. The reason for this is because if your Ill health application or appeal is accepted we would have to change your reason for retirement and to change reason for retirement in this way after receiving benefits, is a breach of the scheme regulations and is therefore not permissible.
If you have already applied for ARER or age retirement benefits and these have not yet gone into payment, you can request to cancel this application if you wish to pursue ill health retirement instead. This cancellation request will be made in writing to us. You may also wish to contact your NHS Employer to advise them. If your request to cancel your application is accepted you can then continue with your ill health application or appeal.

For more information please see the Retirement section of our website.

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