Taking your pension as a one-off lump sum is known as ‘trivial commutation’.

You may be able to take your pension as a one-off lump sum if either:

  • the capital value of all your pension arrangements except State Pension or adult dependant’s pension is £30,000 or less
  • the total value of the one-off lump sum in your NHS Pension not including any commencement lump sum is £10,000 or less

This applies to all pensions payable under the NHS Pension Scheme including the ill health retirement pension.

Read information about trivial commutation restrictions on our website.

Apply for trivial commutation

To apply to take a one-off lump sum, send a covering letter with your AW8 or AW8P pension benefit application form.

If you have membership in the 1995 and 2008 Section, you must take trivial commutation from both sections. A separate decision can be made for the 2015 Scheme.

NHS Pensions will confirm if you’re eligible to take trivial commutation and send you 3 forms to complete.


This provides details of your estimated pension, lump sum and potential trivially commuted lump sum.


This an option form for you to sign and say if you wish to proceed with trivial commutation.


This is a questionnaire to provide details of any pension arrangements that you have outside of the Scheme.

Choice letter

If the capital value of the total benefits across all pension providers is £6,000 or less, you’ll be sent a choice letter.

It’s your decision to take normal benefits or a one-off lump sum payment.

Normal benefits will be paid unless you ask for a one-off lump sum if the capital value of the benefits across all pension providers is both:

  • more than £6,000
  • less than £30,000

Capital Value

If a different pension provider has asked for the capital value of your NHS Pension for trivial commutation, you must put your request in writing to:

NHS Pensions
PO Box 683
Unit 5
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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