To implement a Pension Sharing Order, the following are required:

  • The decree absolute or dissolution order
  • The final Pension Sharing Consent Order (including a Pension Sharing Annex) or Qualifying Agreement pertaining to the order
  • The full names and National Insurance numbers of the Scheme member and former spouse or civil partner including any maiden names
  • Payment for implementing the order

Without the above items, it is not possible to implement a Pension Sharing Order.
Please be aware, if you are a member of multiple NHS pension schemes, the Pension Sharing Annex needs to specify which Section or Scheme is to be shared. If multiple NHS Pension Sections or Schemes are to be shared, then an Annex for each one needs to be provided.

The court order provided must be supplied by an English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish court. English, Welsh and Northern Irish court orders will be percentage based, whereas Scottish court order will be a specific monetary value. We will not accept a Pension Sharing Order that was issued overseas.
More information is available on our website.