MARS (Mutually Agreed Resignation Scheme) is not redundancy and is not linked to our Scheme. It is based around a severance payment made by the employer to the employee. For NHS Pension purposes, a member who accepts MARS has voluntarily resigned from their post.

Any member who opts for MARS can still apply for:

  • Actuarially Reduced Early Retirement (ARER) providing they meet the essential criteria including the minimum pension age and the pension payable is equal to or greater than the guaranteed minimum pension (GMP) or
  • Age Retirement if they have at least reached their normal pension age; this includes Special Class and Mental Health Officers (MHO) providing that the usual qualifying conditions are met.

As members who opt for MARS are classed as having voluntarily resigned from their post, rather than leaving on the grounds of ill health, they will be unable retire from this post on grounds of ill health. However, following their voluntary resignation they can ask for consideration of entitlement to Early Payment of Preserved Benefits on grounds of ill health (by submitting an AW240 application form).

For more information on MARS, please see the NHS Employers website.
For further information on Age retirement, ARER and Early payment of deferred benefits due to ill health please visit our website.