In order to assess the impact of practice changes in England due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and to understand the disposition of the Dental workforce, NHS Dental Services have introduced a ‘Workforce Data Collection’ on Compass.
This form has been designed to capture information on workforce resources and how contracted staff contributed to the wider COVID-19 response. This data may also be used to help inform decisions on any future pandemic.

Each contract holder is required to maintain complete and accurate records to support the Whole Time Equivalent (WTE) data submitted. This should include records which identify each individual staff member in each staff group for both NHS and private activity, their role, as well as the WTE and hours associated with their engagement/employment in the period of the submission.

Completion of the Workforce Data Collection form is mandatory for all NHS funded GDS/PDS contracts in England.

This form can be found in the COVID-19 folder on the homepage of Compass.

You can access WTE guidance and the calculation tool on our website.