The Workforce Data Collection form must be completed at contract level by the Provider / business owner on a monthly basis by close of business on the 5th working day of the month.

This form is completed retrospectively (e.g. the submission you are required to submit by Tuesday 7th July is for the month of June).

A full calendar of submission dates can be found below:

Month Submission Due
Apr-21 10/05/2021
May-21 07/06/2021
Jun-21 07/07/2021
Jul-21 06/08/2021
Aug-21 07/09/2021
Sep-21 07/10/2021
Oct-21 05/11/2021
Nov-21 07/12/2021
Dec-21 10/01/2022
Jan-22 07/02/2022
Feb-22 07/03/2022
Mar-22 07/04/2022