If you’re a ‘Super user’, you can select the 'Approval settings' link from the 'Manage the account' section of your dashboard. You can choose 'Online' or 'offline'.


Anyone who creates a job listing must select an approver or approvers who will be asked to approve the listing before it can be published.

The NHS Jobs service will allow you to choose anyone with a user role on your organisation's account as an approver. The creator of the listing cannot select themselves as an approver.

Approvers can be removed or changed at any time up until the listing is published by a Super user, Team manager or Recruitment administrator.

All approvers will need to approve the job listing before it can be published.


Your organisation has chosen to follow it's own approval process and users will not be asked to select an approver when creating the job listing.

Changes the approval settings only applies to job listings created after the change was made.