How to change the details on your UK Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC) or UK European Health Insurance Card (UK EHIC) depends on when you applied.

You'll need to apply for a new card using our online service if you have:

  • applied for a UK GHIC before 29 June 2021
  • have an old EHIC

Apply for a new UK GHIC and UK EHIC

You'll need to contact our helpdesk if you:

  • applied for a UK GHIC after 29 June 2021 and you've moved address
  • hold a UK EHIC and you've moved address

As your address is not printed on the card, we’ll not send you a new one.

Contact NHS Overseas Healthcare Services.

Change of name or date of birth (DOB)

If your name or DOB needs to be changed or is incorrect, you must send evidence before it can be amended. 

You must send a copy of your deed poll or marriage certificate for a change of name. 

For a change of DOB, you can send a copy of your:

  • passport
  • driving licence
  • birth certificate
  • marriage or civil partnership certificate.

For a UK GHIC you must email to advise of your new name or correct DOB.

For a UK EHIC you must email to advise of your new name or correct DOB.

Include in your email your:

  • OHS reference number
  • name
  • DOB
  • address
  • postcode
  • telephone number
  • email address 
  • what details need to be amended
  • the correct details.




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