Rolling recruitment allows the employer to progress their recruitment whilst leaving the original advert live. You can do this by copying a listing to transfer applicants to. This means new applicants do not miss the opportunity to apply.

When started rolling recruitment you will:

  1. Create a copy of the job listing.
  2. Transfer some or all of the applicants to a copy of the current job listing before you start scoring.

The copied listing will not be live. Other applicants will continue to apply for the job using the original listing.

The information in the copied listing will be the same as the original, except the reference number.

Super users, Team managers and Recruitment administrators can set up rolling recruitment within the NHS Jobs service.

To find out what each role can do what within the system, go to the ‘Roles and permissions’ link in the ‘Help and information’ section of the employer dashboard.

To find out how to do rolling recruitment on the NHSBSA website

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