Before you can receive any funding we need your university to confirm you're in attendance. They can do this on the first day of the enrolment confirmation window.

There are different attendance statuses that you will see on your account.

Pending status

This is the default status when we are waiting for your university to provide a status for you.

Pending NHSBSA

This is the status that will appear after the university has confirmed you are a late starter. This means the case is in a queue to be updated by NHSBSA Student Services.

Matched student - In attendance

The university have confirmed your information is correct and you're in attendance on the course and study year selected. This will release payment to you within 10 working days. You'll be notified of this by email.

Information mismatch

The university set this status when something isn’t accurate with the information that’s displayed for you. It could be you're appearing against the wrong course or your name is incorrect. You'll be sent an email to explain that your details need to be corrected with instructions on how to do this on your account. Once you amend the information the system changes your status to ‘Pending status’ for the university to confirm your attendance.

Discontinued status

The university have confirmed you started the course as expected but left before the enrolment confirmation window opened.

Not enrolled

The university have confirmed you did not start the course.

Both 'Discontinued' and 'Not Enrolled' statuses confirm you are not eligible for NHS LSF funding. If you think this is incorrect you must speak to the university who can correct this if required.