You may not be able to see an application in your NHS Jobs account because the application:

  • was made in the previous NHS Jobs service
  • was made in a third-party recruitment service used by the employer
  • was made using a different NHS Jobs account
  • has been deleted as it's out of our retention period of between 400 and 460 days. 

Applications made using the previous NHS Jobs service will not transfer to the new service.

If the employer uses a third-party recruitment service such as Trac, applications made in these systems will not appear in your NHS Jobs account.

Applications and any accompanying attachments are retained on NHS Jobs for up to 460 days after the closing date, they're then deleted. We recommend you make a copy of your application and retain it within 400 days of the advertisement's closing date as this is the minimum period we'll retain your data.

Training material about how to access your account is available on the NHSBSA webservice in the 'Access your account' section.

You can also watch video tutorials about how to access your account in NHS Jobs on YouTube.