Regulations require that the original requisition form FP10CDF for all Schedule 1, 2 and 3 controlled drugs be submitted using the submission document FP34PCD.

They should be sent to the Prescription Services division in Newcastle, regardless of which division you normally submit batches to. They should also be kept separate from your regular batch if you send both to Newcastle. The address can be found on the FP34PCD.

The FP34PCD and FP10CDF forms can be downloaded from our website.

If your requisition is not received by us on an FP10CDF it cannot be processed and will be sent to the appropriate Integrated Care Board (ICB) where possible so that they can ensure there is a supply of the form available for future use.  

Community pharmacies will also require a private dispensing code which should be used when submitting FP10PCD Private forms and FP10CDF requisition forms. This is a different code to the OCS code you use to submit normal prescriptions. If you do not already have a private dispensing code you should contact your ICB.

Further guidance on how forms should be submitted can be found in Part XX of the Drug Tariff.