Practices in England

From 1 April 2019, if a patient is 18 years or over at the date of referral, you must have approval from the commissioner before the patient starts orthodontic treatment.

When you submit the FP17O, the ‘commissioner approval’ box must be completed. If the commissioner approval box is not completed and the patient is 18 or over, the claim will reject.

Practices in Wales and treatment with a Date of Assessment before 1 April 2019 in England

If a Commissioner approves a claim outside of normal processing rules, such as starting orthodontic treatment when a patient is aged 18 or over, they can use the ‘Override Rule Update’ function in Compass.

This option is available in the ‘Activity’ folder on the Compass Homepage menu.

Once the rule is added to Compass, the practice can submit the claim for processing.

If the claim is already processed, the Commissioner can email us to override the claim (to make sure that a patient charge is not levied) at