They should provide any official document which confirms they divorced.

If they do not have any official documentation, they should provide a covering letter advising the reason they do not have the divorce document and a letter signed by one of the following:

  • Consular officer - someone who works for an Embassy or Consul, either employed by the UK government or another country's government
  • Minister of religion - such as a Rabbi, Priest or Imam
  • Medical or legal practitioner - someone currently registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) such as a GP or consultant
  • Established civil servant - someone who is employed by the Crown (excluding those employed by the Monarch herself) who has passed any compulsory probation period for new Civil Service employees
  • Teacher - someone with a teaching qualification and who is working as a teacher currently
  • Police officer - such as someone currently working within the UK police force

The letter should give details of the situation and include the person's job title, their employer, their contact details, their relationship to you and be written on headed paper if applicable.

If your parent is currently single, they can instead provide us a covering letter explaining this and evidence of their single status, such as a Tax Credit award letter or Council Tax letter showing single occupancy status.

If your parent has since re-married they can instead provide us their new marriage certificate and a covering letter to explain.