Yes, you could potentially change from being a dependent to independent student if your circumstances change.

You will need to submit a change of circumstances and provide relevant evidence.

Your status would change from a dependent to an independent student if:

  • you get married or enter a civil partnership
  • your parent(s) pass away
  • you become irreconcilably estranged from your parents
  • you have a child including legal guardianship or adoption of a partner's child. If you become independent for this reason, you will only become independent at the start of the next academic year.

If you did not realise you fulfilled the criteria to be deemed independent at the start of your academic year, you have nine months from the start of the academic year to inform us. Your bursary can then be reassessed.

If you miss the nine month deadline, you cannot apply for the reassessment of your award for that particular academic year. However, this does not prevent you from applying for subsequent years as an independent student.