If you meet all eligibility criteria and declare all relevant information in your application, we can assess you for Dependants Allowance to support people who are wholly or mainly financially dependent on you during your time in training.

The possible entitlement is based on the number of dependants you have. We will assess a rate for your spouse / civil partner / partner (if applicable) or your eldest eligible child if you are a single parent and a standard rate for each subsequent eligible child.

This allowance is income assessed but the current maximum rates for full time students are as follows;

  • Spouse /  Civil Partner / Partner or eldest eligible child - up to £2,448
  • Each subsequent child - up to £549 per child

Part time students

The rate for a part time student will be a pro rata amount of the above figures based on the length of your course.

For courses which are normally three years full time, the part time equivalents are as follows:

  • 4 year course duration - paid at 75% of the full time rate
  • 5 year course duration - paid at 60% of the full time rate
  • 6 year course duration - paid at 50% of the full time rate