If you are a full time student and have any unearned taxable income this will be taken into account when assessing your basic bursary award. We do not take into account any income from employment or self employment as any earnings outside your normal study pattern are disregarded when assessing your basic bursary award.
If you are a part-time student, both earned and unearned income is taken into account.
Various disregards are then applied to this income.
Type of income Amount disregarded
Sponsorship / Scholarship / Cadetship income, or salary / wages for work done while on a part-time course. Up to £4921
Income under a trust deed or similar instrument where the student is an independent student. Up to £2306
Any pension, allowance or other benefit payable by reason of incapacity to which the student is subject, his or her old age, retirement, the death of a spouse, civil partner, parent or other person on whom the student was dependent, or by reason of his military or public service. Up to £3959
Any income not otherwise disregarded for either:
  • a single parent
  • a single independent student
  • any other student

Up to £2270
Up to £8891
Up to £1044

For example:
A single parent who had declared income would have a disregard of £4921 + £2270
A single independent student with a trust fund would have a disregard of £2306 + £8891

Any income remaining after we have applied the relevant disregards will be reduced from your bursary award pound for pound.