Please see below for a list of taxable income. This list is not exhaustive:

  • Income from full, part-time and temporary employment (if you get perks or benefits from your employer these may also be taxable) 
  • Profits from self employment (after the deduction of allowable expenses) 
  • State Pension 
  • Personal or company pensions 
  • Retirement annuity 
  • Bank and building society interest - not including Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) 
  • National Savings and Investments accounts and bonds 
  • Dividends on company shares - not including dividend income from ISAs 
  • Income from a lodger in your own or family home if more than £4,250 a year (£2,125 if split jointly) 
  • Income from a second property 
  • Pensioner bonds 
  • Trust income 
  • Chargeable event gains from life insurance policies 
  • Income from outside the UK.