Your TRS will include:

  • added years
  • transfers
  • hypothetical annuity cost
  • annual leave.

Added years

The amount of added years you’ve purchased will be included on your TRS.

If you were a member of the 1995 Section, your pension and lump sum will only show up to the last date you paid into that scheme.

If you’re over the Normal Pension Age (NPA) of 55, any reduction in benefits will show in the current value.

If you're under the NPA of 55, reductions in added years will show in your projected benefits.


All transfers will be shown on a TRS.

Benefits transferred from an Inner Club Career Average Revalued Earnings (CARE) Scheme will be shown separately on your TRS.

Hypothetical Annuity Cost

The Hypothetical Annuity Cost shows what the cost of your pension benefits might be on the open market. This is effective from the date of the statement.

This amount is for information only and cannot be used for any other purposes.

Annual Leave

Your annual leave shows on your TRS. If it’s not showing, contact your employer.

Additional information for Practitioners

If you’re a practitioner, your TRS shows ‘Practitioner Remuneration’. This is the total pensionable pay figure earned during that year.  

This is shown under your standard benefits and on your dynamising sheet.