If you have a PPC and are paying by DD, your certificate will automatically renew in the final month. You'll be informed by post or email.

Your automatically renewed PPC will start the day after your current PPC expires.

Digital certificates will be sent by email on the day your new PPC starts.

Paper certificates will be sent by post and will arrive within 10 working days of your first payment being taken.

The DD payment date will remain the same as your current PPC’s date. You'll receive a letter to confirm the exact date.

Your PPC will not automatically renew if:

  • you're turning 60 within 9 months of your current certificate expiring
  • the DD is being paid from somebody else’s account
  • there's an outstanding balance to be paid
  • the PPC is not paid in full by Direct Debit

This list is not exhaustive.

If you want to know why your PPC has not automatically renewed or to stop your current PPC from automatically renewing, contact our helpdesk.

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