You can claim a refund of certain travel costs if you had a qualifying benefit or exemption at the time of your appointment. Refunds must be claimed within 3 months of travel.

If the place of travel has a cashier’s office, you can claim a refund by showing your receipts and evidence of your qualifying benefit or exemption at the time of treatment.

If you’re unable to claim a refund at the time of treatment, complete a HC5(T) and return this with any travel receipts. The HC5 form tells you where to send it. You can include multiple trips on one HC5(T) but you must complete a new form for each place you have travelled.

If you drove to your appointment, you do not need to tell us the value of the fuel used. Instead write ‘fuel’ in the box that asks for a value. The hospital will calculate the amount using your start and end destination.

Parking costs may be refunded if unavoidable. Contact your place of treatment before travelling to ask if this is available, this may be different from hospital to hospital.

Read more about claiming travel costs on the NHS website.

Check what help you could get to pay for NHS costs and apply online.

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