If you're under your normal pension age (NPA) you may be able to apply for your pension on the grounds of ill health.

To check if you’re eligible, you must complete either:

If you’re over your NPA, you're already entitled to claim your pension on age grounds. You do not need to complete either of these forms.

Which form do I need?


Complete the AW33E if you're either:

  • an active member of the NHS Pension Scheme
  • in NHS employment and have opted out of the NHS Pension Scheme.

If you’re a GP who’s opted out of the Scheme but is still in NHS employment, send a completed AW33E to PCSE on the portal.

More than one employer

If you have more than one employer, you only need to complete one AW33E. This should be with your main employer.


Complete the AW240 if you’re not in NHS Employment.

Membership in more than one section or scheme

If you have membership in more than one section or scheme, you may need to complete both forms.

Read more information on our website.

If your application is accepted

To apply to take your pension you must complete either an AW8 or an AW8P.

If you're eligible to take ill health retirement, we'll let you know which form you need when we contact you.

Serious ill health

If you’re terminally ill with a life expectancy of less than 12 months you may take your benefits as a one off lump sum.

If you decide to take your benefits as a one off lump sum, you’ll need to submit a form along with your AW8 or AW8P:

Read more information on our website.

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