You can receive your NHS Learning Support Fund (NHS LSF) payments into any UK bank account.

If it is not your account make sure you have the account holders permission before entering their bank details on your NHS LSF account.

Training Grant, Specialist Subject Payment (SSP) and Parental Support

Funding is scheduled over the academic year and is paid in three instalments.

Payments are made once we have received confirmation of your attendance from your university.

The NHS LSF website has details on when your university will confirm attendance and the main payment dates for each cohort.

Payments may be earlier or later than the dates stated depending on when your university confirms attendance. 

Your NHS LSF account will always set out your actual payment dates. 

Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses (TDAE) and Exceptional Support Fund (ESF)

Once your application is assessed any payments due will be made on the next available payment run.

These take place on a weekly basis to ensure students receive payments as soon as possible.

Your NHS LSF account will set out the actual payment dates.

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