If you are overpaid we will send you an email explaining the reason along with the amount to be repaid.

Where possible overpayments will be recovered from any future payments you are due. 

If that is not possible you will receive an invoice within 6 weeks.

When you apply for the NHS Learning Support Fund (NHS LSF) you agree a declaration to repay any amounts paid to you which were in excess of your actual entitlement.

In all such cases (including administrative error), the NHS Business Services Authority are required to ask for any overpayments to be repaid in full.

If you have any further queries you can contact the NHS LSF helpline on 0300 330 0521.

If your query is about why you have been overpaid or how we calculated it select option 1 to speak to the helpline.

If you have received an invoice and want to discuss repayments select option 2 to speak to our Finance team.

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