You may be eligible for a UK Global Health Insurance Card if you're living in the European Union (EU), Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein with a registered S1 form issued by the UK.

Check if you’re eligible for healthcare cover if you’ve moved abroad.

Apply for a UK GHIC.

Information about who is entitled to healthcare in Switzerland.

The online portal will check to see if we have a record of your S1 when you apply.

If we’re unable to confirm you hold an S1, we will contact you to ask for the following evidence:

  • a copy of the valid S1 issued by the UK
  • confirmation that the form has been registered in the country you live in and the dates it was accepted.

The UK GHIC should not be used to access healthcare in your country of residence.

People working in the EU

If you work in the EU for a UK company and have a valid A1 form, you may be entitled to a UK GHIC.

Find out more information about the A1 form.

People working in the EU cannot apply for a UK GHIC using the online portal.

Instead, email the details of your application to NHS Overseas Healthcare Services and include a copy of your A1 form.

Contact NHS Overseas Healthcare Services

The UK GHIC will provide you with healthcare cover in both the EU country that you are working in and whilst travelling in other EU countries.