Members of the NHS Pension Scheme can nominate someone to receive a lump sum on death benefit when they die.

The lump sum must be paid within 2 years of the date we were first notified of the members death in writing.

If the member had not yet claimed their pension benefits and are due a posthumous award, the lump sum must be paid within one year.

A lump sum on death benefit is payable on the death of an active member who dies before reaching age 75. Once they reach age 75, the lump sum will be converted to an annual pension and paid to their dependant.

Read information on how the lump sum on death benefit is calculated.

Member claims pension through Trivial Commutation

There will be no dependants pensions payable on their death as these benefits are included in the trivial commutation calculation.

Member claims pension through Actuarially Reduced Early Retirement (ARER)

Any benefits payable to the member's dependants will be paid in full as though the member took their pension unreduced, at the time of their early retirement.

Member claims pension through Terminal ill health

There will be no lump sum on death payable when a member who has taken a serious ill health lump sum dies.

Any dependant benefits payable to their spouse, civil partner, scheme partner or eligible dependant children will be calculated as the appropriate fraction of the members original pension, before it was commuted into a lump sum.