The LFD Tests Supply Service is a new service available for patients that meet the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) criteria.

Contractors must refer to the latest version of the eligibility criteria which can also be found in the Service Specification.

Eligible patients will receive one box of 5 Covid-19 LFDs from the contractor.

A fee of £4 plus VAT will be paid for each transaction.

The payment for the box of 5 tests will be:

Payment of one box of 5 Covid-19 LFDs
Month Payment
November 2023 £6.80
December 2023 £6.23
January 2024  £5.94
February 2024 £6.80
March 2024 £5.95
April 2024 £5.80
May 2024 £5.73

Contractors can sign up to the service using Mange your Service (MYS).

Claims for payments must be submitted on MYS by the fifth of the following month. 

Late submissions will be accepted if they’re made within 3 months of when the claim should have been submitted.

Read more information in the Drug Tariff.