Regulation 11 is the treatment band for replacement appliances.

The appliances covered are:

  • dentures
  • obturators
  • bridges
  • orthodontic appliances

Regulation 11 applies when the original appliance is:

  • lost
  • stolen
  • broken by the patient.

Regulation 11 does not apply where the appliance has become damaged due to wear and tear.

The replacement appliance must be the same as the original. This can be claimed regardless of when the original appliance was fitted.

How to claim

Regulation 11 must include an examination and assessment of the patient's oral health. If further treatment is needed other than the replacement appliance, this must be claimed on a separate FP17.

The patient must pay 30% of the band 3 charge per replacement appliance. The patient cannot be exempt from paying a Regulation 11 charge unless they are a prisoner.

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General Dental Contracts are awarded 12 UDAs for Regulation 11 claims.

Orthodontic contracts are not awarded any UOA’s for Regulation 11 claims. The contract will not be deducted the patient charge from the schedule.