If you are a performer, you must speak to your provider to make any amendments to your record.

If you are a Provider or practice staff, how you add or amend a performer record on your contract will depend on your practice location:

Practices in England

Providers can add or amend a performer on a contract on Compass. Practice staff can also add and amend performers if they have been set the correct user role by the Provider.

Read more information about Compass user roles.

You can add or amend a performer on your contract using the ‘Contract Amend’ screen. This is in the ‘Contract’ folder on the Compass homepage.

On the Contract Amend screen you can:

  • add a performer
  • remove a performer
  • amend a performer’s estimated net pensionable earnings (NPE) or net pensionable earnings equivalent (NPEE).

You can only add a new performer to a contract once their performer number has been created. Primary Care Support England (PCSE) are responsible for creating performer numbers in England. If the performer does not have a performer number, contact PCSE.

Compass user guides and YouTube tutorials are available on the NHSBSA website.

Once you've submitted the amendment to your contract, the change will be automatically sent to your NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) local office for approval.

You must submit a Compass Authorisation Form (CAF) so they can approve the change. This form must be received within 7 days of the amendment.

The CAF is available on the NHSBSA website in the ‘Adding or removing performers – England only’ section.

Practices in Wales

You must speak to your Local Health Body (LHB) to add or amend a performer’s record on your contract.

Contact your LHB.

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